Anniversary Celebration Ideas

26-Sep-2021 • 3 MINS READ

Wedding Anniversaries are definitely one of the best occasions in a lifetime. After all, what is better than walking down memory lane and celebrating the journey of togetherness, together.

Reaching the milestone of the 25th is not a cakewalk and that is why it needs to be celebrated with great pompous celebration.

If you are planning your 25th Wedding Anniversary and looking for an idea to make it a huge success, then here are several tips that could help you out.

25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas:

1. Memory Lane:

Make the anniversary as nostalgic as you can. Make videos of your pictures and you can even set up an act wherein your story is portrayed.

2. Singing and Dancing:

A lot of times anniversary celebrations turn out to be a bore for guests. However, music can keep your guests upbeat. Make them sing their heart out and make their hearts dance. Singing and dancing are a must for your party.

Here is a Video Invitation for the 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Have a look.

'Snow Polaroid' Engagement Video Invitation

3. Marry Again:

This could be on a grand scale or a small ceremony but marrying again is a sweet option. Arrange a wedding for you and your spouse and just get married once again. Think about it. It isn’t a bad option.

4. Theme it Up:

Theming your party never goes out of style. That is why this is an idea that just cannot fail. Pick a theme for your party, it could be color-coding or harry potter or even friends for that matter. Ask your guests to dress accordingly and have fun!

Whatever you plan, do not forget to send video invitations from It is as easier as you think. Just some simple steps and you would be able to send across video invitations.

  • Select the theme of your choice. 
  • Fill in all the details. 
  • Your video would be ready in a day's time. 
  • Contact us for any customizations required.

Checkout few of the Anniversary Video Invitation Themes from

  1. ScrapBook
  2. Jai Ganesha
  3. Lantern Nights
  4. Pop Colors

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