Create a Birthday Party Invitation

14-Jul-2020 • 3 MINS READ
Create a Birthday Party Invitation

Birthdays are celebrated in all parts of the world. However, whether a person celebrates a birthday or not, you should always wish them because it is their happy day. The person will be delighted to see your message pop on the screen as it shows that you care about that person and have good wishes for them as they grow a year old. 

Celebrate your kid's birthdays with us. Cards, messages, and e-wishes are all old ways. Improve your taste and start with video messages using

Kids Birthday Party Invitation

Kids Birthday Invitation

You know that pictures and videos can be added to a birthday video as it shows your efforts, love, and feelings for that person. Otherwise, people could think that you have downloaded a random video and sent it to them.

Are you missing something?

Yes, the songs and music.

Background music and birthday songs give life to a video. They make your video more interesting and create an emotional attachment of a viewer to the video.

'Cho Cho Train' Birthday Invitation Video

The Right Songs for Birthday Videos

If you are designing a birthday video using a birthday video maker with music but are confused about the songs’ selection, we are here to help.

The first thing you have to do is to think of a reasonable song that fits in the birthday video. The factors that influence your choice are:

  • Age of the person
  • Your bond with that person
  • If he has a fun-loving personality or not

Best Songs for Kids

A number of birthday video makers with songs offer a huge collection of birthday songs. Moreover, there are many customized songs that you can find on the internet.

If it’s your child’s birthday, make them feel special. If it’s for their first birthday, a song that would make the best wish is “Hoppa The Happy Bunny, Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday (1-Year Old)”. Add this to the video and with a babyish accent, the bunny sings an adorable melody for the baby-turning one.

The “Happy Birthday Song for Children by HeyKids” is also a cute way to add a wish to the video.

'Puppet Show' Birthday Invitation Video

For Friends and Family

I believe that friends and family must be told that they aren’t getting old but wise as they step into the next year.

The top-rated songs for wishing them on birthdays are “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart, “Raise Your Glass” – by Pink (2010), “Birthday” by Katy Perry and “The Happy Happy Birthday Song” by The Arrogant Worms. This is an evergreen collection of songs and you can use them on any birthday video.

The Music

We have been listening to the “Happy Birthday to You” (Traditional song) ever since we were children. It’s the life of birthday celebrations. This is the favorite piece of music for all age groups. This music is on the lips of every person and conveys your message in a sweet melodious voice.

With all these suggestions, I hope you can now design a lovely happy birthday video using Just remember that the right selection of songs will brighten up someone’s day. So, think twice before adding a song.

'Balloon Banquet' Birthday Invitation Video

Looking for a Birthday Video Maker Online with Music and Effects Free? is here.

VideoInvites offers a unique collection of readymade templates to make customized birthday videos. The video-making process with is quite easy and it won’t take more than five minutes to craft an amazing video.

I hope the birthday video made by you amazes everyone.

Few of our Birthday Themes: Puppet Show, Cho Cho Train, Butterfly Birthday, and so on.

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