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14-Feb-2020 • 4 MINS READ

Are you planning an engagement? Do you want to share the engagement message news of your impending nuptials with your family and friends? Surely you will be sending personalized engagement party invitations to make it memorable and exciting. How are you sending invitations to your guests? Obviously, you want your engagement a fun event.

 You will be busy with preparations for celebrations, planning, and finding ways to receive gifts and well wishes. Surely it resembles your potential wedding party in some ways. Your engagement is simple than the intricacies of the wedding. It is a gathering or party that has its importance.

Engagement InvitationEngagement Invitation

It is a milestone in your life, just like your birthday. There is a lot of consideration involved in writing an invitation card. It would be best if you considered all aspects which, when, where, and RSVP.

Whether you are looking for versatile and elaborate styles like Blossom Blush invitations or letterpress engagement invitation templates or you are looking for simple engagement invitation messages or affordable engagement invitations free, here is the solution for all of your needs. With, you may create your engagement invitations online. We have a collection of customized engagement cards from different sending styles and designs. We offer invitation cards in the range of vintage engagement parties to the sleek modern invitation so that you may have a fantastic experience of your event.

'FlipBook' Engagement Video Invitation

Personalized Experience with the Video Invites

When it comes to engagement invitations online, you should not just send a message. It would help if you addressed your guest personally in a cordial and friendly manner. It would help if you used the option to address the people you are inviting to your engagement party.

 If your prospective guest receives a personalized engagement invitation, it creates a feeling of personal love for your guests. helps you with your engagement party invitations.

Customized Potential Date

On our website, you need to insert the date and time of your celebrations. It will give your guests complete information about the date and time of the event. We create an engagement party invitation video for you, which will provide a fantastic and aesthetic touch with your function. 

It is necessary to write the date and time of your party to ask your guests to come to the hell of celebrations. You should ensure that you have organized space and venue before you visit our website to send an invitation out.

Engagement Invitation

Whereabouts and Venue of Engagement Party

We will insert the complete venue of your invitation party, so it is more personal and customized. Location is the preference of your guests, and we do make it clear. 

Look at the beautiful Invitation messaged Video Invitation For Engagement Ceremony with a personalized message, Event details with Date.


It is crucial if you have information on whether your guest is attending the engagement party or not. How can your guests contact you to know whether they will be in function or not? It gives a complete list of those who are attending and those who are not participating. 

These are vital features of our service. We do all that you need to save time and give your function a fantastic look. We facilitate you in sending engagement party invitations via email, and text and share them on social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

'FlipBook' Engagement Video Invitation

Amazing Etiquettes for Engagement Invitations

Our engagement party invitation templates have required antiques following your traditions and customs. It is an essential feature of our invitation card that we work according to your requirements. There is not much hassle in downloading a personal invitation and sending it to your loved ones. Just visit our website and see what you do.

Video Invites – I choose you!

This is the time that ascertains your future life. You may make it gorgeous and creative to remember it in your forthcoming marital life. We do help you to make it and not break it. We offer you an entirely innovative and customized service for your event.

Here are a few themes from Video Invites Engagement Video Invitation. Have a look.

Shimmering Love, Royal Peacock, ScrapBook, Majestic Rangoli, Showcase, and so on.

'Showcase' Engagement Invitation Video

Engagement Video Invitations using Our App.

Engagement video invitations with an engagement message can be created by using an app. Our app is very user-friendly and easy to use. Our app can be downloaded from the google play store. Sign up and start creating the video invitation and share these video invitations via Whatsapp, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms and surprise your guests.

Download our app now!

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