Engagement Party Invitations

11-Nov-22 • 3 MINS READ
Engagement Party Invitations

Officially marking the beginning of a new phase in your life, an engagement is no less than an official seal that binds two individuals into a relationship. The ring exchange ceremony across the globe is celebrated depending upon the religion and culture that an individual belongs to. However, one element that remains the same is an eagerness to stand out among all and feel special on D-day.

Engagement Video Invitation

                                                        Engagement Video Invitation

So, in case, if you too are experiencing this anxiety to be noticeable and unique, then here’s a secret of how you can make your engagement ceremony memorable and happening. Try out our free engagement party invitations video maker! Yeah! You read it right!

Engagement Party Invitations Video Maker:

For ages, it's been a ritual to manually visit or call your near and dear ones on the phone to invite them to the engagement ceremony. While previously this ritual was comparatively simpler to observe. Nowadays owning to the hectic lifestyle it becomes difficult for people to manually travel everywhere for ceremony invites. Perhaps, the task is time-consuming as well.

                                                Lantern Nights - Engagement Video Invitation

Hence, understanding these tedious problems, we have developed the concept of video invites. Unlike traditional rituals wherein only text or only audio invites were possible. Our new video invitations let you develop a customized message which can be sent across to your guests without burning a hole in your pockets.

The only quintessential thing that you need for these invites is a customized video invitation message and that’s it you are done. Keeping your video message handy, you need to first create your account on the Engagement Invitation video maker application. Once, you have created your account, select a theme of your choice from our application. 

Upload your details of the Bride, Bride Groom, Event Date, Time, and Venue. Upload your photos for the themes that accept photos. Preview your details and submit. Thus, within a few clicks, your customized engagement ceremony video invite is ready to be sent across through any social media platform of your choice.

                                            Golden Temple - Engagement Video Invitation

Time-saving process and abundant scope of creativity are the key features of our video invites. Besides, you also have the advantage of nurturing the ritual of personalization as the customized videos make your guests feel special.

So, now that you have your secret ingredient for a rocking engagement ceremony. We hope you would use it to the fullest. In case, you have any queries, feel free to ask them through your comments.

Make your Engagement Video Invitation today with Video Invites!

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