Things to Include in your Wedding Invitation

09-Nov-2022 • 5 MINS READ
Things to Include in your Wedding Invitation

Any event for celebration with dear ones or a vital occasion gathering. One such big and memorable event for once in a lifetime for the bride and groom is the wedding party. For instance, the wedding is usually celebrated with a cheerful party, bringing together family members, friends, and loved ones.

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Plan and Invite Guests

Every time we’re going to celebrate an unforgettable meaningful occasion, we think about an original way, personally calling them or visiting them to inform our guests about it. Online Video invitations have become as popular as hand-made cards. Double your event fun by creating a wedding invitation online in a few minutes with your photos and music.

Save The Date Wedding Invitation

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Plan for Wedding Video Invitations

You can make digital or electronic invites for Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Anniversary parties, House Warming, Sangeet, Haldi, Tilak, Valentine's Day, or any other event they are easy to create. In other words, you won’t spend much time preparing the Wedding Invitation and will be able to devote this time to the event planning and arrangements. Video Invites is one such best online application to make your own online Video Invitations and impress your guests.

Type Of Information to be Included in Online Wedding Invitation

Each and every wedding is different. Your guests are really excited about this most special day in your life. Follow these ideas below that may help you when planning for a wedding Invite.

 Online Wedding Invitation

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Names to be included in a wedding Invite:

Firstly, is quite obvious to include bride and groom names, who are going to get married are included in the WhatsApp Wedding Invitation. It is a good idea to include the names of the persons who are hosting the party, which can be parents or parents of both partners. Include the full names of hosts or hosts, particularly their last and first names.

Date and Time of Wedding:

It is very important to give information on the wedding invitation to the guests about the exact date when the wedding ceremony is held. Be sure to include the exact time with AM or PM. Mention it as night, if you are planning for a midnight garden Wedding party.

Place or Venue of the Wedding Event:

Likewise, if you are planning a Destination wedding or Garden Wedding or Outdoor Backyard Wedding place or venue needs to be given. Give proper details of the house no, city, street, and pin code or zip code. Usually, it will be really helpful for guests who are coming from far distant places.

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Wedding Attire:

If you wish, guests to attend the wedding ceremony in Special Attire, additionally mention it in an invitation. Give the details of different categories of attire.

Response Card or RSVP:

If you planning for a paper Invitation, it is better to include a response card. Include the mailing address and, a stamped envelope for their guests to indicate whether they are attending the wedding party or not. If you are planning for an e-invitation or a video wedding invitation you can also send a message to guests to reply back by text message, email, SMS, or RSVP. RSVP means giving confirmation about attending or not attending the wedding event.

Reception Details:

Of course Include important details like the date, time and venue of the Reception.

You can also create Only Reception Video Invitations. Check out our application for Reception Video Invitation.

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Directions/maps for the wedding venue:

Moreover, In today’s digital world everyone can reach any place easily with smartphone GPS. Everyone may not be using GPS for reaching the wedding venue. It is courteous and respectful to include a map or directions of the wedding venue in detail. It is easy to find venue places when you, include some important landmarks.

Transportation and Accommodation details:

Especially, Some guests may be traveling from far places. It’s really a great idea to provide proper accommodation and food arrangements by reserving some rooms at a hotel. It is better to include transportation details like public transport, parking information, and cab numbers to reach the venue of the Wedding easily.

Details of traditional events:

Usually, many families may celebrate traditional pooja events or events like Haldi, Mehandi, Tilak, Sangeet, etc. on the occasion of welcoming a newly married couple. If you wish to invite, include the details of the event in the Invitation.

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Wedding Website:

Finally, In modern days many newlywed couples wish to create a Wedding website, for their guests. On that Wedding website, you can include all the event details of the Wedding. wedding proposal, wedding photos, and wedding event information like accommodation, RSVP, Venue, Date and time details, map, and others

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