Muslim Wedding Invitation

09-Nov-2022 • 3 MINS READ
Muslim Wedding Invitation

Islam is one of the most prominent religions in India with 14% of the population. A wedding is mandatory in Islam as it preserves and multiplies Islam through his family and future generations. Muslim wedding invitations are created by strictly following their customs. Wedding traditions in Islam vary based on the country but at heart, it is called “Nikah”.

Muslim Wedding Invitation

                                                          Muslim Wedding Invitation

Rituals Of a Muslim Wedding :

Traditional Islamic weddings are performed in a unique blend of traditional Islamic customs and as well as Indian customs.

Pre-wedding Rituals:

pre-wedding rituals of Muslim Weddings –

Salatul Ishtikara, Imam Zamin, Mangini, Manjha, Mehendi, Sanchaq, Wedding attires.

                                 Golden Nikah Pro - Muslim Wedding Video Invitation

Wedding Day Rituals:

Wedding day rituals in Islamic weddings –

Baraat, Welcome, Nikah, Arsi Musharraf, Walimah, Chauthi.

Islamic Wedding Invitations:

Most important and the first thing to finish for a wedding is invitations. Muslim wedding invitations are unique and elegant. As we know Muslim wedding invitation cards are in use for ages but now digital Muslim wedding invitations are slowly replacing invitation cards. You can create your own Muslim wedding video invitation video with your beautiful images and can also add music to the invite. Now, Learn how to create a Muslim wedding invitation with Video Invites.

                                          Royal Islamic Elite - Islamic Wedding Video Invitation  

How to Create a Muslim Wedding Invitation?

Create your Islamic Style Wedding Video Invitation now with Video Invites!

1. Sign Up for

Register or log in with with your mobile number. You can also download our android invitation maker app from the google play store and register.

2. Choose Your Muslim Wedding Invitation Video Template

Goto Islamic Wedding Video Invitation

Select the theme of your choice. 

3. Enter Details

Enter the details of the wedding invitation like Bride and Groom Names, Parents' Names, Event Date, time, and venue

4. Upload Your Images and Music

Select the images, and music you want to add to your wedding invitation video or else you can go with the default music if you wish to.

5. Preview, Download In HD, and Share On WhatsApp

Preview your wedding invitation video details and place your order. Make changes if necessary. Once your video is delivered, then Download it in HD quality and share it on WhatsApp and social media platforms.

Islamic Wedding Video Invitation Maker App

You can also create Muslim wedding invitations by using Video Invites Android Application. Download it from the google play store then register or sign in with your Mobile Number. Follow the same steps as followed on the website. Create a beautiful Islamic Wedding Video Invitation then preview, download it in HD quality and share through Whatsapp, email and etc.,

Download Video Invites Android Application from Google Play Store now!

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