Create your Wedding Invitation Video

09-Feb-2020 • 4 MINS READ
Create your Wedding Invitation Video

A wedding is the most special day in a person’s life. It is the harmonious union of two lovers who take vows to stay together forever. This heavenly fixture between two souls is celebrated all over the world. People from different religions have their way of celebrating their wedding day. 

Arranging the wedding in the best way possible is essential but sending out the invites the right way is even more critical. In this post, we will guide you on how to send the best wedding invitations to friends and family for your big day. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, we have fantastic and innovative ideas for all of you. Read on to discover great ideas that can create wedding invitation videos and make your invites special.

Wedding Invitation CardWedding Invitation Card

Create Video Invitation for your Wedding

Create a wedding invitation in the form of a video and surprise your friends and family. There are limitless options for creating a video invitation for your big day. By using, you can try out different styles and designs to make your invitation special. After you are done creating an innovative video invitation you can send it to thousands of people with a single click. 

A wedding card in the physical form has to be created by a local vendor and can take a lot of time and energy. In the case of a video invitation, you can create a wedding invitation video by following a few simple steps. Get creative and discover unlimited design and style to make your invitation special. Every couple has a story of their own. 

The story-based invitation has the story of the couple from the day they met till their wedding day. You can pick from various such ideas to make your invite special.

Traditional Wedding Video Invitation

WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

WhatsApp is the most used chat application that we use on a daily basis. All of our friends are added as contacts on WhatsApp, and it is quite easy to approach your friends through WhatsApp. WhatsApp wedding invitations can have limitations, and not much variation can take place while you prepare an invitation through WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp offers great emoticons and also has a video feature. You can record a simple video with your partner and send it to your millions of friends around the world.

Muslim Wedding Invitation Video

Muslims have deeply rooted traditions, and they have a wedding ceremony that is classic and traditional. If you are a Muslim and you have your wedding coming up, you can discover various ideas on the internet to make a Muslim wedding video invitation. You can use any video creation application and set the theme to Nikah and Muslim weddings. 

You have a variety of themes to choose from us. From Floral Nikah, which is a Portrait Invitation to Sparkling and Shining Themed invitations like Golden Nikah Pro, Starry Nikah, Sparkling Nikah, Midnight Sparkle Elite, Maahru, Islamic Symphony, and so on. There is also a great theme that states Royal Islamic Elite. You can insert your pictures and create a vintage wedding invite for your Muslim wedding.

"Royal Islamic Elite' Wedding Invitation Video

Hindu Wedding Invitation

Hinduism is rich with culture and tradition, and Hindu weddings are celebrated in an entirely old and classic style. The invitation to a Hindu wedding has to be unique and should indicate a deep-rooted culture and value. A typical Rajasthani theme with a navy blue background where royal figures are inviting the guests can be a great idea. 

There are also video invitation options that include famous Bollywood songs. A traditional north Indian theme, South Indian Theme is also available at

Few of our themes: Petals Of Love Pro, Shimmering Love, Royal Peacock, Jai Ganesh Elite, Blossom Blush, and so on.

'Midnight Sparkle Elite' Hindu Wedding Invitation Video

Christian Wedding Video Invitation has a lot of Christian Wedding Themed Videos. You can select from Enchanted Frames, Wedding Pop-up, Papercraft, and so on. You can choose from our wide variety of Wedding Invitation Video options.

'Enchanted Frames' Wedding Invitation Video


Sending cards in the physical form can get stressful. Taking out some time and customizing your wedding invitation on the internet is the latest trend. A video message is more effective and can be an exciting way to invite your friends and family to your wedding. 

Explore different designs and styles and make your wedding invitation stand out among the rest at

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